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Rossi-Mossuti F, Ecker TM, Germann M, Barges-Coll J. :  Robotic-assisted minimally invasive transforaminal interbody fusion (TLIF) using a new hands-free digital microscope with a head-mounted display (HMD): technical note. , J Clin Images Case Reports. 2022;1(1):1-5.

Rossi-Mossuti F, Germann M, Barges-Coll J, Ryvlin P, Ecker TM. : Using Telehealth in Spine Surgery: A Systematic Review. , submitted 2022

Papageorgiou PN, Rossi-mossuti F, Wiest R, Kiefer C. : : Characterisation of Dentatorubrothalamic Tract with Diffusion Spectrum Imaging in Patients Suffering from Parkinson ’ s Disease.;, 2021. doi:

Fortunati M, Rossi-Mossuti F, Muroi C. : : eder hat doch Rückenschmerzen: degenerative lumbale Wirbelsäulenerkrankungen und ihre Behandlungsmöglichkeiten. , Praxis (Bern 1994). 2020;109(2):87-95. doi:10.1024/1661-8157/a003380

Pincherle A, Rossi F (first coauthor), Jöhr J, et al : : Early discrimination of cognitive motor dissociation from disorders of consciousness: pitfalls and clues. , J Neurol. 2020;(0123456789). doi:10.1007/s00415-020-10125-w

Nowacki A, Debove I, Rossi F, et al.  : Targeting the posterior subthalamic area for essential tremor: proposal for MRI-based anatomical landmarks., J Neurosurg. Published online 2018:1-8. doi:10.3171/2018.4.JNS18373.

Nowacki A, Debove I, Fiechter M, et al.  : Targeting Accuracy of the Subthalamic Nucleus in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: Comparison Between 3 T T2-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Microelectrode Recording Results. , Oper Neurosurg. 2017;0(0):1-6. doi:10.1093/ons/opx175

Pollo C, Debove I, Müllner J, et al.  : SP 6. Preliminary experience with chronic directional DBS in the STN., Clin Neurophysiol. 2016;127(9):e171. doi:10.1016/j.clinph.2016.05.192

Coluccia D, Anon J, Rossi F, Marbacher S, Fandino J, Berkmann S.  : Intraoperative Fluoroscopy for Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Placement. , World Neurosurg. 2016;86:71-78. doi:10.1016/j.wneu.2015.08.072

Pollo C, Kaelin-Lang A, Oertel M, et al.  : Directional DBS improves therapeutic window: from model prediction to human use. , Brain Stimul. 2015;8(2):380-381. doi:10.1016/j.brs.2015.01.218

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